About Matthew Mercury

Top-quality luxury watches at an unbeatable price

When we first started to think about watchmaking, we wanted to bring something new to the market. We didn’t want to be like every other watch brand that branded low-quality watches. We tried to make it different, to provide high-quality watches with extra value. Undeniably, Switzerland created the best movement globally and is considered as the heart of the watch. We decided to mirror this concept. 

Every watch in the Matthew Mercury Collection is crafted with Swiss movement made by “Ronda”, a historical watchmaker that has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. We focus on making higher quality products than our competitors at the same price. The movements are made in Switzerland, and the final Craft assembly is handmade in Hong Kong under strict rules and supervision of craftsmen who have 30+ years of experience.

​We ship the watches from Hong Kong to cut shipping costs and provide you the best quality Swiss movement watches at an excellent price point.